Close out the 2020 Strategic Plan and Launch Efforts to Create the Vision 2025 Strategic Plan

Close out the 2020 Strategic Plan and Launch Efforts to Create the Vision 2025 Strategic Plan

NFBPA was able to close out the 2015-2019 Strategic Plan and establish the new 2025 Strategic Plan.


Please see the Strategic Plan documents presented earlier in this report, which details our journey and supporting strategic documents. The NFBPA Strategic Plan Vision 2025 document is devoted to providing a focused roadmap over the next decade for NFBPA. Recognizing that the organization cannot be all things to all people, we have captured a forward thinking approach to highlighting the strengths of the organization, identifying critical changes facing the world, our country, localities, the overall public sector, and African American leadership. We are refining the focus of excellence and prioritizing our emphasis and impact. We encourage all members to read the Strategic Plan document to understand our future.

Based on the Plan, we are seeing more and more activism, engagement, and new professional and leadership development sessions throughout the country. Please see examples above.


Report Card Status:  

  • Close out the 2020 Strategic Plan & Complete the 2025 Plan.  (Achieved)