Fund development

Fund Development, Revenue Generation, Financial Stability

We must ensure the survival of NFBPA for the next generation of leaders, which requires that our organization is financially solvent and strong. The Endowment fund must build a sufficient corpus with the help of members who can contribute, collectively and generously, to ensure support of our operations and other efforts.

  • Investment Committee and National Office expanded new ways of giving
    • Gift Planning (Endowed Gifts, etc.)
    • Legacy Honors Initiative
    • Annual Giving Fund
  • Launched the Legacy Honors Program Fund Initiative with new Fund Development web page 
    • Over $150,000 raised during this two-year reporting period
  • Worked towards our two-year goal to achieve a minimum of three new multi-year relationships with corporate and community partners. 
    • Kettering Foundation
    • AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF)
    • ICMA-RC
    • CIGNA
    • Colonial Life Insurance 
  • Successfully held a Leadership Dinner in October 2019 in Houston, Texas, which welcomed over 300 guests and netted over $90,000. 
  • Continued and Enhanced the Institute Building Technology Safety (IBTS) Partnership, which offers Grant Services to members and provides funds in return to NFBPA’s bottom line
  • Partnered with IBTS and the Kresge Foundation to explore Equitable Climate Resilience for US Local Governments.  
  • Approved for a  Payroll Protection Program PPP  Loan in the amount of $53,758. 
  • FORUM 2020 Net Revenue was $178,195 after moving from an in-person In event  in Austin, Texas to a virtual event for the first time ever.
  • Revamped and Enhanced the Institute for Excellence in Public Sector management also known as i4x.  NFBPA’s consulting arm, the Institute for Excellence in Public Service (i4x) utilizes highly qualified and seasoned public administration executives – who are retired, between jobs or still working and have the desire and ability to share their experience and subject matter expertise as consultants, to work with leaders of organizations. I4x brings a diversity, equity and inclusive lens to the work they perform. I4x feels this is especially important in the current environment where organizations are coping with the overlapping effects of COVID-19, economic challenges, and calls for racial justice and equality. Services include, but are not limited to:

          o Best Practices Research & Implementation

          o Community Engagement

          o Economic/Community Development Planning & Implementation

          o Executive Coaching & Professional Development

          o Executive Recruitment & Interim Staffing

          o Management Consulting

          o Operational Analysis

          o Policy Analysis

          o Project Management

          o Strategic Planning


  • I4x is a client-focused Center of Excellence, with a team of consultants and coaches who are experienced current and former public sector leaders. I4x consultants listen, engage and work closely with customers to develop realistic solutions, keeping in mind budgetary considerations. Their mission is to deliver transformational, impactful and custom solutions across the public and non-profit sectors. 
  • NFBPA Board approved a new agreement in October 2019
  • I4x  entered into partnership with GovHR to provide recruitment and consulting services to public and nonprofit organizations 
    • During the balance of 2020, I4x developed several grant proposals for presentation to the Economic Development Agency (EDA) of the US Department of Commerceand AARP (approx. $150K). While to date, none of those proposals has been funded, I4X refined them for resubmission under the new Biden Administration and other grantors interested in economic development technical assistance.
  • In December 2020, MIP/i4x in partnership with NOBLE, was short listed on major RFP (approx. $400 K) response to the City of Charlotte to conduct analyses of responses to police calls for service and oft alternatives models for responses to non-violent calls for service.
  • In November of 2020 MIP/i4x brought to the NFBPA Board an Agreement with GovHR USA, that paired them with MIP/i4x on executive recruitment proposals. Of the eight proposals submitted in conjunction with GovHR, since November, four have been successful and two are is pending.
    • The successful engagements are approximately 90 days in duration and are located in the following localities:
      • Ann Arbor, MI, Executive Director, Downtown Development Authority Oakland County Mi, Corporation Counsel; Health Officer, Health and Human Services Department, - Toledo, OH, Director of Economic Development; Director of Diversity and Inclusion; Director of Finance.
  • In addition to the engagements with GOVHR, MIP/i4x provided training to managers and senior staff in Baltimore County, MD, and the City of Petersburg, VA.  By the early third quarter, these contacts will yield NFBPA approximately $18,000 plus an additional $2,800 in gross revenue to the Career Center.
  • I4x also partnered on proposals with GovHR to provide DE&I services and with Management Partners and NOBLE to conduct an Operational Performance Assessment.
  • Over the balance of the 2021 we will continue to partner, where appropriate, with GovHR, NOBLE, and others. We will also submit proposals to EDA, other federal agencies and to foundations as well . For example, we had preliminary discussions with and submitted an abstract to Citibank.  We are working on proposals to both Amazon and Starbucks.  All seek grants to provide technical assistance to targeted jurisdictions – in the areas of economic development, entrepreneurship or the development of affordable housing. 
  • Ended Calendar Year 2020  Financially in the Black for the 3rd Straight Year
  • Maintained a Strong Financial position with a 2018 with clean audit
  • Streamlined and reduced operational and FORUM related expenditures, while also using contract employees for the positions of fiscal director and membership support.
  • Approved for $50,000 grant from Thomson Reuters to address public policy around public safety and making improvements.
  • Reduced the annual rent lease amount for an overall savings of $56,000.  Moved organization’s national office to WE Works on Massachusetts Avenue.
  • Held the largest virtual conference in our history with the Building Blocks for a Greater Future Conference.  Highlights included the following:
    • Created a new 3-day Virtual symposium that welcomed over 30+ state, regional, and national speakers offering over 22 workshops and clinics and six Roundtables and Forums for the development and enhancement of public administrators and providing them with essential tools for their toolkit.  
    • Final Attendance:  1,289
    • Total Partners and Sponsors:  125
    • Net Revenue:  $178,000


Report Card Status:  

  • Establishment of the NFBPA Legacy Honors Programs Fund Initiative. (Achieved)
  • Legacy Honors Program: This initiative is a cumulative giving.
    • This effort will have a required minimum entry level of $1,000 and will conclude at $100,000. The Legacy Honors Initiative pays tribute and celebrates African American leaders who have distinguished themselves with their contributions to public service, equality, freedom, and civil rights.  
  • Build NFBPA’s current corpus in our Endowment and Reserve fund, which stands at $250,000 to a goal of $500,000 in two years, while moving towards $1M in 10 years.  (Partial)  (The current balance as of June 2021 is $450, 431).
  • Maintain a Strong Financial position with continued clean audits.  (Achieved)  
  • Fortify our organization’s corporate partnerships by affirming the corporate value of partnership.  (Achieved)  
  • Formulate a minimum of three new multi-year relationships with corporate and community partners.  (Achieved)